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about our company

Aria D is a design company specialising in interiors, custom-mode furniture, design objects, residential and office buildings in accordance with bioclimatic principles, and shops. Since 2007 Aria D searches for and provides innovative materials and designs and produces turnkey furnishings.

Aria D searches for and provides innovative materials and designs and produces turnkey furnishings.

Ilaria Petreni it is the founder of Aria-D.
She was born in Pienza on 10th December 1967 and graduated in architecture at the University of Florence in 1993.
In 1993 she started working with the AJN (Architectures Jean Nouvel) firm in Paris.
In 1997 she set up the RAM firm with the architects Rosa and Pagliaro and she carried on till 2000.
And in 2004 she specialised in Bioarchitecture at the faculty of Engineering in Bologna.
Since 2000 she been working at the Aria-d project.


our team

  • Ilaria Petreni

    Architect-general manager

  • Fabiano Galofaro

    General manager - engineer in charge of structures, systems and budgets

  • Anna Koryakina

    Architect and project Manager in Russia, an expert on digital modeling and rendering

  • Valentina Montellanico

    Interior designer- design, and material selection.


how we work

Aria-d is used to approach the projects in different ways:
- from sketch to setting up
- from design to construction
- from moodboard to rendering to working plans
- from sketch to realization


our timeline

take a look of the work we been doing


preliminary and working plans, supervision of works, furniture design

  • Vienna House (Vienna)
  • "Taverna Volpetti" Restaurant (Rome)
  • "Prencipe" Gallery (Rome)


we love what we do

  • "Convivium" Cafe (Paris)
  • "HospITALity Pavillon" (Dubai hotel show)
  • Private House (Miami)
  • "Madeleine" Restaurant (Rome)
  • Biker Apartment (Rome)
  • Restaurant and bar "At Home" (Rome)
  • Restaurant "Molo 10" (Rome)
  • Private House (Viterbo)


a busy period

  • "Cappellari" B&B (Rome)
  • Sushi Bar "Kome" (Rome)
  • "Riccioli" Restaurant (Rome)
  • Lugli House (Rome)
  • Bellardini House (Rome)
  • Martolini House (Rome)

  • Addis House (Rome)
  • Parioli House


some of the things we did

  • Dj House (Rome)
  • "Talenti Station" - Undreground, Metro D (Rome)
  • Auditorium "Conciliazione" (Rome)
  • Lozzi Furnishing Showroom (Rome)
  • "Acquanegra" Restaurant (Rome)
  • "Hana-bi" Bar (Rome)
  • Monteverde House (Rome)
  • Sandy Lane Network (Busnago, Gravellona Toce, Beinasco)
  • "Claudia Bar" (Bracciano-Rome)
  • Holiday Farm "Monticchiello" (Siena)
  • Bioclimatic Villa, Montepulciano (Siena)


where everything started

  • Stasi House (Rome)
  • Macianati House(Rome)
  • Macianati House (Rome)
  • Proietti House (Rome)
  • Bioclimatic Holiday Farm, Montalcino (Siena)